Property Development

As a qualified architect I am passionate about buying older properties and renovating them to achieve their highest potential. What inspires me is to take something that is not appealing to most people and creating an end result that people are stunned by.

I have invested and renovated several properties and I am interesting in continuing doing so both for myself but also potentially for others and potentially also do some larger projects. I love a challenge and each property has a different purpose such as the coworking office below in central Madrid as abusiness idea or a passion project (Offgrid House in Alicante) but I have also bought and renovated properties for rental properties to provide passive income.

As until now, all the developments have been in Spain but I am looking into other countries and markets primarily around Europe.


Three Bedroom Apartment

This was the first property that I bought and renovated in central Madrid. It used to be 4 small bedrooms but then made into 3 double bedrooms with a complete floor plan redesign.

Coworking Office

This was a small coworking office in the centre of Madrid. The brick you see here in this image was completly uncovered and if you look at the before and after-pictures you will find it was quite a dramatic change.

Offgrid House in Alicante/Valencia (in progress)

This is an offgrid house we are renoating with an intentional slow place. The interior should complete by 2021 with the patio and the landscaping with grape vines and an outhouse done slowly over the next decade. We are integrating sustainable solutions into it meaning it is fully solar powered and the well will later water the future garden. You can follow the process and lessons learned by clicking the image.

Three Bedroom in Torrevieja , Spain

This three storey apartment near the beach in Torrevieja has been fully renovated. It is designed partly with the intention of short term rentals with some rooms having separate keys in order to be permanently locked when it is being rented out.