Web Development

I have created several websites of a big range of topics for a few clients. This can be a quick basic website to more customized solution with custom written code. I can offer overall design and also custom css-code to make the website look as you like.

If you are interested in any help then I have started freelanceing in 2020 and offer very competitive rates for the first year. Either via me@cgheintz.com or using a contact form with your need and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


Click on below images for a full size view.


JSA Replicate – This page is still online as a test server if you want to have a look. However, keep in mind that all media files might not be saved resulting in potential visual glitches.

Viaggiare e Amare This is a visual prototype for the overall functionality of a travel/blog site with focus on discovering Italy. Please be aware that this site is not meant ot be finished or have a lot of content, it was for the overall look, hierarchies and function of the site.

CGHproperties – This site is to display a property portfolio and potentially attract investors at a later stage. It is still in development with limited information until the project itself will launch in the future but its purpose is to get the overall design decided.